With millions of Americans unemployed and millions more utterly unhappy, dissatisfied, and underpaid it is no wonder as to why there has been a massive shift in the employment structure. Bore from technology and the times, the new model for employment by employers and employees is...Telecommute!

Apple, XEROX, GE, Aetna, Mozilla Firefox, and Devry are amongst the 1000's upon 1000's of employers that offer TRUE "Work from Home" or Telecommute jobs. There are many more that are a part of the Get My Mom a Job Database. The largest Telecommute job database online today.

Get My Mom a Job is the sole job and service provider like NO OTHER employment site. World renown for our converting resumes, cover letter, training, and jobs. Featured in countless publications for our dynamic approach in getting people to work. Whether you are seeking part-time, full-time, Medical, Technical, Customer Service, or any Professional Telecommute job, Get My Mom a Job is the ONLY job platform you will ever need.

Telecommute: Fact VS. Fiction

  • Q: "Aren't all Work from Home Jobs or Telecommute Jobs business opportunities, MLM, envelope stuffing or data entry?"A: Short answer absolutely not! Unfortunately, when people do a Google search on Work from Home or Telecommute often the marketers of these sort of programs come up. Why? Simple they know people are craving the ability to work from home. Get My Mom a Job ONLY deals with companies like Apple, Xerox, GE, 1-800-FLOWERS, and Devry. All companies are 100% vetted before they ever make our database.
  • Q:"Telecommute Jobs or Work from Home Jobs are generally Entry Level or Customer Service type of jobs right?"A: Once again no. Although there are entry level positions as well as customer service positions. The Get My Mom a Job database has the largest variety of jobs on the internet. From Teachers, Accountants, Mortgage Originators, Software Engineers, Technical Support, and Nursing positions. This is just a small list of the type of positions.
  • Q:"I am not a technical person, don't you have to be tech savvy to work a Telecommute job?"A: No way, in fact the overwhelming majority of positions are of the non-technical variety. To be connected to a company’s server and work, is a simple process of going through a VPN(Virtual Private Network). When hired, the company’s tech support team will get your computer set-up and you will be ready to go. If you can do email you can work remotely. No "Bill Gates" requirements for telecommute.
  • Q:"Aren't Telecommute jobs or Work from Home jobs temporary or contract only positions?"A:No, although those type of positions are available, in fact telecommute positions are the complete opposite. In our primary database all the jobs we list are W-2 positions. Either part-time or full-time. Remember, you are an employee of the company and receive all of the benefits as such.
  • Q:"Don't I have more Job Security by going to an office every day?" A:Actually it is 100% without question the other way around. As an employee, a telecommute employee you cost the company significantly less in operations, facilities, management, and "downtime". You are the most secure asset a company has. In fact, according to Inc. Magazine in May 2013, an employer saves on average over $11,000 per telecommute employee. So in downsizing time or cost setting measures you are more secure!

Our Job Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is your database to use?

Simple if you can click to open an email, you can use our database. It is literally single click transactions that will take you directly to the job opening and application process. Detailed instructions are provided to walk you through the company’s website for each company. There will be no guessing involved. You will find there is not a simpler online process in applying for jobs on the internet today.

Do I have to pay a potential employer for a job?

NO, NEVER! In fact we would strongly encourage you if this would ever happen that you email our support immediately. Remember all of the companies and positions in our database have been carefully vetted. That is why we do NOT select all companies that have telecommute jobs. We stick with companies that afford our members the best possible jobs and careers that fit the proper employment model.

Does Get My Mom a Job Guarantee a Job if I utilize the Services?

NO, in fact no company can. However our model, approach, tools, design, and connections will increase your opportunity for real employment higher than any other online resource or company today.

What Types of Positions are in the database?

All types. From people of advanced experience to those entering or re-entering the workforce. There are telecommute positions for all experiences, talents, and walks of life.

Do you offer Commission or Contract Positions?

NO, not in our job database. However, as a monthly member to Get My Mom a Job we publish additional listings of contract, seasonal, temporary, work that may appeal to you in addition to the Full-Time and Part-Time work that is in our database. The monthly newsletter and employment updates has a massive amount of information on all types of employment.

Can I upload my resume so it can be viewed by Employers?

At the time you are reading these FAQs we do not have this function available. However, we do expect to have this feature to all of our members soon.

Are there any commitments you have to make to become a member?

All packages, except the monthly membership, are a one-time fee. The monthly membership is on a month by month basis. You have the option to discontinue usage at any time with no penalty.

If I need assistance with any of the services, is there customer support?

Most definitely, we are here to assist you with all of our services. There are many ways to reach out to our customer support. We recommend sending an email to . You can also request a phone call by clicking on the Request a Call button located towards the bottom of the page. Also, you will find the Contact Form located at the bottom of the page. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we will respond to all questions within 24 hours.

Are there jobs available for people with disabilities?

YES, we encourage all people to utilize the services of Get My Mom a Job. If your home office and computer is set-up for you and your disability we encourage you to apply for any position that you are qualified for. All positions will require you to be able to use a computer.

I have a brother, husband, friend, or male co-worker do you have services for them?

YES, Get My Mom a Job is one brand in a family of companies. For all male professionals we ask you to go to GetMyDadajob.com and all members of the Military active or retired go to GetMyVetaJob.com. There are specialized services at all the different websites.

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #1

Complete Job Guide: $12.95 (One Time Fee)

Optional Membership (monthly): $4.95

  • My Job Guide will cater to every experience level. From Management to Part-Time Telecommute Positions. Expanded job categories so you can find the right position in your field.
  • Categories include: Customer Service, Sales, Technical, Medical, Educational, plus more.
  • The comprehensive database of employers will take you direct to the telecommute positions. All company direct, from fully-screened, vetted, and approved companies hiring. You apply for these positions directly on the company’s website.

Optional Monthly Subscription:

  • All the monthly changes or additions of new jobs emailed directly to you. Never miss a new job opening!
  • Emails on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and so much more!
  • Tips on how to be the Ultimate Freelancer.
  • Home budgeting, investing, financial planning, and debt reduction tips.

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #2

Converting Resume and Cover Letter, Plus the Complete Job Guide: $79.95 (One Time Fee)

Optional Membership: $4.95 (Monthly)

You will neverget a second chance to make a first impression. Your ability to be seen and heard in this uber-competitive job market lies directly on your resume and cover letter.

  • Our non-template, non-form, uniquely written Resumes and Cover Letters convert, period. Our design, content, format, and methodology will allow you to separate yourself from the 100's if not 1000's of people applying for a position. Our ability to craft and present you will take your career and opportunities to a whole new level.
  • In this Solution you will receive a World-Class Resume, Cover Letter, and total Access to Solution #1: The Complete Job Guide.

Optional Monthly Subscription:

  • All the monthly changes or additions of new jobs emailed directly to you. Never miss a new job opening!
  • Emails on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and so much more!
  • Tips on how to be the Ultimate Freelancer.
  • Home budgeting, investing, financial planning, and debt reduction tips.

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #3

Job Connection Package: $139.95 (One Time Fee)

FACT in these uber-competitive times of employment you need more than just products, you need hands-on solutions. You have spoken, asked for it and I have listened:

First you will be assigned your very own Career Success Partner. You will have the ability to reach out and have a Direct Connection with in all matters of employment. The same Success Partner that knows you and your employment needs.

  • Two 60 minute phone consultations in regards to all things employment. Defining the jobs you want, salary desired, industries, and opportunities. Prepare you for phone interviews and face-to-face interviews.
  • Your Career Success Partner will search for and provide you with the tailor made Job opportunities you want. We will find the right employers, right job criteria, right hours. Job results emailed to you directly.
  • Complete access to the Get My Mom a Job, Job Guide.
  • Unlimited email support for any issues or questions that arise during your job search and your time as a Get My Mom a Job Member, 60 days with this package.

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WAIT you can have all of the above, plus our World-Class Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service. Fact you can be the most prepared, most experienced, and best suited for that job; however if you cannot convey that message, it may be all for not. Your ability to be seen and heard is critical. Our Resume and Cover Letter Services convert for a reason, they are the best in the industry.

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #4

Social Media Job Connection: $99.95 (One Time Fee)

Social Media: there is no escaping the stretch, reach, and impact of social media. Social media is a tool, more than it is entertainment and friendly connections. Businesses are built on social media and careers are built on social media. You need to utilize social media to your benefit in finding employment.

  • Twitter: Page design, new page or redesign of existing. Profile rewrite, with 100 TW's and follow 50 Companies. Obtain 100 Followers.
  • LinkedIN: Profile rewrite and a copy of LinkedIn Secret eBook!
  • Facebook: New or Redesign - 5 groups for job seekers and 5 posts written to get you started
  • Video Cover Letter: 60 Second Script, 1 time video edit, and placement on YouTube

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #5

Resume Blog with Resume Service $169.95 (One Time Fee)

Ever wonder how people receive emails out of the blue about potential job opportunities? It's simple, it's marketing. Whether you are competing for a Customer Service Position at GE or a Software Engineer Position with Mozilla Firefox your ability to be unique and be seen is critical. Your Personal Resume Blog Allows:

  • Your very unique resume site: www.MyResumeBlog.info/YourName
  • Maximum exposure on all social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Send messages and interact with potential employers and send them to your very own personal site.
  • Say more on your Resume Blog than you can on your digital resume. Here you have carte blanche in saying, doing, highlighting, demonstrating, and sharing more of yourself in a personal and professional way than you ever could on paper. Add more job details, accomplishments, awards, skills, and volunteer efforts.
  • Videos. You can also, have an introductory video of yourself on your Resume Blog site. Allow an employer the opportunity to see and hear from you, and start having your phone ring. It is a guarantee to have a leg up on your job seeker competition.
  • Integrate your social media on your site. Show employers your network, creativity, and abilities by integrating your social media accounts on your Resume Blog site. Employers love people of influence regardless of position, so show it off.
  • NO: hosting fees, domain fees, registration fees, design fees, content fees. All inclusive to you, unique to you.

If you are serious about your career, the Resume Blog site is a must. In 7 to 10 business days you can begin marketing yourself to countless employers. You think it is effective? Consider this: If you are 1 out 1012 people applying for a job. You showed off your creativity, ability, and acumen through your personal site; do you think you could be the early leader in the job? You bet! Get started today:

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Get My Mom a Job Solution #6

Extreme Job Solution: $399.95 (One Time Fee)

This is the Ultimate Solution, You Get All of our Services. If you are Serious about finding a career then this is the Solution for you!

  • The comprehensive database of employers will take you direct to the telecommute positions. All company direct, from fully-screened, vetted, and approved companies hiring. You apply for these positions directly on the company’s website.
  • Converting Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Connection Package
  • Video Cover Letter
  • Resume Blog

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