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Putting More Women to Work than ANY Other Site Online! Are You Next?
Question: What makes Get My Mom a Job different?

Simple, the employment system is broken.  I know this from firsthand experience and seeing the frustration of 1000's of job seekers.  See there is one model currently; put up a website, throw tens of thousands of jobs on the site.  That's it!  This system doesn't provide what employers need and what job seekers need.  In fact, that is why LinkedIn has become so popular!  A different way to connect, recruit, and hire.
Get My Mom a Job works because we go beyond the current model.  We don't just supply listings of jobs to job seekers.  We provide solutions that will get people hired.  Take the Video Cover Letter, Video Resume, and the Job Connection Package.  We provide:

"Premium solutions at a discounted price!"

Think about it, people that need a job need to have a professional converting resume.  They need to have access to the video cover letters, video resumes, and job connection services.  The people that need it the most don't have access to it because of cost.  Why not give job seekers what they want and need without having them break the bank just to get a job.  In turn when a job seeker is presented the right way, it saves companies countless $1000's of dollars in time and wrong hires.

Question: What do you enjoy most about your work?

First, it isn't work at all for me.  When you have a passion for something.  When you wake up every day energized and excited, like the old saying you truly never work a day in your life.  However, I enjoy seeing people have that moment.  That moment when it all comes together for them.  Our company doesn't build widgets or products, we are a life transformation company.  We deal in one of the three most sensitive and important areas of people’s lives, their career.  It is personal to them, so it must be personal for us.

I would say that is why our company doesn't bow to the pressure of profit margins.  We don't listen to the advice of the people outside of our mission statement.  We don't use software and templates.  We do things the old fashion way.  We make the services we provide 100% unique and custom for each person.  This is not an "extra value" meal.  We are affecting people’s income, career, livelihood, retirements, and overall professional happiness which in turn has direct impact on their personal happiness.  Why wouldn't we do something unique for every person we touch?  When we do that, guess what?  That is when it all comes together for that person!

Question: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

There have been so many amazing transformations within the company and the people we serve.  I can honestly say there is no greater feeling in getting an email, tweet, or post about someone finding the job they want based on our resume, video cover letter, our jobs database, or a connection we made together.

However, the best moment to date, was the first event I held in Chandler Arizona for single moms.  I am passionate about people.  I am also passionate about fixing things that are broken.  To me seeing a single mother struggle when she is carrying so many burdens of caretaker, provider, psychologist, and the only financial supporter of her family, it makes me take action.  So this event was to train single mothers, provide them with the jobs, resumes, video cover letters, and make the connections.  Seeing these women get hired on the spot, three days later, a week later, it was amazing.  The transformation of employment in their life getting that break they wanted.  This is why I will be doing these events all over the country!

Question: What is your favorite quote? Why?

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! Audrey Hepburn

This is my favorite quote because it is so true. I believe that anyone can do anything that they want if they try.  People tend to talk themselves out of moving forward with their goals or trying something new because they think it is impossible. I believe everyone can live their life by their design.

Question: What is the ultimate goal with the company?

To fix the problem.  The model for employers and job seekers simply no longer works.  Companies are spending Tens of Thousands of dollars on non-yielding ads.  Job seekers are spending months missing out on tremendous jobs, simply because they don't know how to present themselves.  Why not fix that problem!

The ultimate goal is to never to be known for a product.  We want to be known as a community, a service, innovation, simplicity and results.  Most companies in this industry are judged on profitability, we judge ourselves on how many direct hires we create through the services we provide for people.  We are going to use technology to get closer to people, not metrics, but people.  We believe in the face to face events and focusing on core groups: Single Moms and Veterans.  We solve the problems that exist.  People before profit.  Innovation that works.  Solve everyday problems that have extraordinary results.

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