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Video cover letters can show potential employers a real side to you, more than any bland cover letter will be able to do. In addition, you can use a video cover letter to send to hiring managers on social media and add your video cover letter to your LinkedIn profile.

Below is an example script of a video cover letter for a sales position, whether it is a telecommute job or an at office position. 

Sales and Business Development is NOT a science.  In fact, it is an art.  The art of persuasion!  Those that achieve the best in persuasion, daily and consistently, win!

Hi, my name is (full name).  My history of success and accomplishments in sales and business development will prove to have a direct and immediate impact on (company name). 

My passion is business development.  My passion is to provide real solutions.  Sales in being the ultimate Brand Ambassador for a company.  As (job title) I can have impact on the company in the ways that no other department or service can.  When clients think of (company name) they will be thinking of me.  No matter the arena, product or service, my track record speaks for itself.  My ability to attract new clients and have an outstanding retention record for those clients is a precise match for your opportunity. 

This Video is to show you the type of hire that I will be.  My initiative is not only to get hired for the position, but to grow and develop within the company.  My skills and track record are infectious.  Not only will I have an impact on the bottom-line in personal production, I will make an impact on the entire team. 

I have provided all of my contact information in the email and on my resume.  I look forward in taking the next step in the process with you.


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