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Haven’t you thought to yourself if I could just get in front of the person hiring, I know I would be hired!  Guess what now you can get in front of the recruiter or hiring manager with a video cover letter. 

A video cover letter can fall flat just as a "form" "one size fits all" cover letter does.  If you use the tips below, you will record a winning video cover letter that will get you noticed by the recruiter/hiring manager.


  1. Make sure the area behind is white or of a single color. No books, pictures, painting, or anything that will distract the viewer.


  1. Make sure you dress the part. This is an interview, dress for success.  Wear solid colors, do not wear any patterns.  Don’t wear white, this will catch too much light.  Stay away from flashy, large necklaces and earrings.


  1. When speaking into the laptop, do NOT tilt down for a straight on shot. Set your laptop on books to be sure camera is eye level.


  1. Do not zoom in on your face. Pull back, nice shot, from the middle of the chest up.


  1. Don't read from a piece of paper that you have sitting in front of you or on the screen. This will come off horribly and will not look natural. You are talking about you and your experience, this should come naturally.


  1. Practice what you are going to say until you feel comfortable. Pretend that you are just having a conversation. Don’t speak too fast, keep the pace at a normal conversation level.


  1. It is important to keep your energy level the same throughout the video. Your video cover letter needs to show positive energy, your enthusiasm, and passion for the industry and job opportunity. You do not want to sound monotone. Remember to smile and speak clearly.


  1. Body language makes a difference whether your video cover letter will be a success or not. You can tell a lot about a person’s confidence within seconds of watching the video. Sit up straight, have good posture throughout the video, smile, and maintain eye contact.


  1. Do not use slang or improper grammar. Don’t start your video off with hey or what’s up.


  1. Most importantly, don’t forget to close at the end of your video cover letter. Remember you are using this to secure an interview, so tell them that. Keep it short and simple.  Examples:  “Thank you for watching my video, I look forward to speaking with you soon” or   “I have provided all of my contact information in the email and on my resume.  I look forward in taking the next step in the process with you.”


Use the tips above and your video cover letter will be a success!  If you need help with a script and editing your video, click here