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Most job seekers put very little time into their cover letter, typically ten minutes or less. Also job seekers will find a “form” cover letter online, make a few modifications then send it off to a perspective employer.  This is one of the worst things you can do. The cover letter is a way to connect in a conversation with a hiring manager; it lets you exhibit your personality and self-confidence.  The cover letter allows you to display much more about yourself than a resume will.  This brings up the question, what type of cover letter is more powerful?  A conventional cover letter that everyone will submit or a video cover letter?

 Let’s breakdown what your cover letter should relay to a hiring manager regardless if it is writing a cover letter or recording a video cover letter:

First you always need to connect the dots for the hiring manager. If a hiring manager needs to dissect what you are trying to tell him/her, they will quickly move to the next person.  It is not the hiring manager’s job to try to figure out what your skills or strengths are in relation to the open position.  You need to tell them how your experience will make an immediate impact on their position. 

Next you will want to use this method: Feature, Benefit, and Emotional Tie-In when speaking about yourself and your skills.  Typically, job seekers will feature dump when writing their cover letter.  It is written as: I can do this, I am this, and I can do this.  You must tie yourself into the position you are applying for specifically. You will relate a particular skill of yours to their job opening.  This is how you will connect the dots.

Last assume the close.  The ending of your cover letter needs to be powerful, let your confidence shine through.  You want to end with a sentence or two that puts it all together for the hiring manager.  For example:  “After reviewing my resume, I am confident that you will find my track record of success and growth is the best fit for the position of (job title).  You are welcome to email me or call me at.... I look forward to our conversation together so I may share more of myself and learn more of the opportunity”.  This is the call to action from you to the hiring manager.  Now you have done more than piqued the interest of the hiring manager, now you have him/her wanting to dive into your resume.

Now that you know what your cover letter should convey, which type of cover letter do you think is best?  A written cover letter, hiring managers see hundreds if not thousands of these.  If you want to stand out from the beginning, show you are creative and innovative with the video cover letter.  I guess I don’t have to tell you my opinion is the video cover letter.  Here are the reasons why:

As I mentioned above, hiring managers know the drill of emails, written cover letters, and resumes; give them something unique that makes them take notice.  This will make a huge impression on the hiring manager.

Not only do you want to make a massive impression, you want it to be a lasting impression.  Not only are you separating yourself from the other candidates, with the video cover letter you are definitely going to be a lasting memory for the perspective employer. You will be known as the person who did the video cover letter.  You will know this as it will be mentioned during your interview!

There is not a written cover letter that can market you like you can market yourself.  Your presentation, purpose, and passion will show the real you.  This is your minute or two minutes to give your best Elevator Speech.  You have just moved past other candidates because you are having an interview without ever being asked a question.  The hiring manager is evaluating you, the real you.

Nothing is more powerful than video, now a hiring manager can envision you in the position. In this competitive job market, the details matter.  In doing a video cover letter, you have control and are providing a direct and immediate impact. You connect the dots to the point where the hiring manager can now see you in the position. You just created your Hire Moment before you even had an official interview.

Now, let me ask you the question:  What Type of Cover Letter? Conventional Cover Letter or a Video Cover Letter?

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