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Everyone is familiar with social media when it comes to connecting with your friends and family, but have you thought about using social media to find a job? We know that LinkedIn is where you go if you are a job seeker, but how about Twitter and Facebook? Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more than just posting pictures and chatting with friends. A small percentage of people realize the power of Twitter and Facebook when using those social media sites to gain employment. Let’s start with how to use Twitter if you are looking for a job.

First if you are going to add your Twitter account to your resume (which we recommend), you will want to make sure your account is professional and this includes your image and about section. For your image, use a professional picture of yourself. Also for your header, keep it simple and professional looking. Keep in mind that employers will view your social media accounts to gauge the type of person you are, your ideals, opinions, and what you post. If social media is not used properly, it can have a negative effect on your job search.

This is very important, Never use one account for business and pleasure. You need to keep these separate, business is business and personal is personal; it is never a good idea to mix the two accounts. Employers do not need to know what you are doing over the weekend or any intimate details about your relationship or marriage. You need to have one account that you use professionally, looking for jobs and networking, then another account for family and friends.

What you say does matter, remember anyone can see what you are posting. You should post information relating to your industry. Share articles, quotes, reviews, facts, any discussion topics; you want to show perspective employers your knowledge of the industry beyond what is on your resume. This is a great place to post your video cover letter or video resume, also. The more effort you put into your tweets will be more substance that is behind your resume or interview. This is a platform where you can show off your knowledge, so show it off!

Who you follow does matter. Following comics, people in the adult industry, athletes is not going to help you get a job. You need to follow like-minded people in your industry. When gaining followers, remember this one rule: followers only matter if they are real people and active. Never buy followers, this does nothing for you except make it appear that you have a large following until someone looks at your followers and realizes that they are fake accounts or questionable accounts. This will have a negative effect in the mind of a perspective employer, you will be seen as someone who likes to take short cuts. Why would anyone want an employee that cuts corners? You need to follow the right people, this will show a perspective employer that you know how to network.

Begin with the tips above to get started on Twitter with a professional account. Next article we will cover how to tweet your way to a job.

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