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Not getting calls for interviews or getting to the interview, but not getting hired? Your Facebook “appearance” can be the reason. More and more companies are using social media to find out if you are the type person that they want for the position with their company.


Do you know one of the easiest ways for a company to find out if a person is a good fit for them? Not your resume, that will show them your experience. Social media, your social media presence tells a company everything they need to know past your experience and qualifications for a job.

Let’s take your Facebook page as an example of what your page/posts tell an employer.

  • Profile Image: Look professional. Meaning don’t have a low cut tank top on or a picture of you in a bikini, this won’t get you a job. Party picture of you drinking or doing anything else will be a turn off for an employer. They are looking for an employee who will be dependable and responsible.


  • Language: Having your page filled with expletive language, poor grammar, and slang is a great way to ensure that you won’t get the job. You will look unprofessional and be an undesired hire.


  • Posting all of your personal business: Why do you want to give an employer that close of an inside look to your personal life (drama)? Your upset with a friend, significant other, or family member and want to vent, well probably not the smartest thing to do if you are looking for a job. Complaining/venting will show a perspective employer that you have a temper, have poor decision making skills, and are immature. Also that you will not be able to handle problems in the workplace. Want to vent, pick up the phone and call someone to tell them all about it. That phone call may save the job for you.


  • Avoid political and religious topics: Each person has their own opinion about political and religious topics, so you don’t want to post something negative that can offend someone or worst yet a perspective employer.


First impressions count in everything from your cover letter, resume, and yes your social media accounts. More in likely, you won’t even know that a hiring manager is looking at your social media accounts. It is best just to assume, when you are job hunting, that hiring managers are going to look at your social media accounts.


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