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What is a LinkedIn Profile? What should be included in your LinkedIn profile? There are a lot of questions for job seekers when it comes to writing their LinkedIn profile and how to utilize LinkedIn to gain employment. With this series of articles, we will answer your questions and show you how to build your LinkedIn profile.

First to start, below are a few quick tips for your LinkedIn Profile:

Everyone is familiar with social media when it comes to connecting with your friends and family, but have you thought about using social media to find a job? We know that LinkedIn is where you go if you are a job seeker, but how about Twitter and Facebook? Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more than just posting pictures and chatting with friends. A small percentage of people realize the power of Twitter and Facebook when using those social media sites to gain employment. Let’s start with how to use Twitter if you are looking for a job.

Most job seekers think LinkedIn is the only social network that you can find a job, this is not the case. Facebook is more than posting pictures of your children, playing games, and catching up with old friends. There is another side of Facebook, which is Facebook Groups that are city/state specific or industry specific where you can find jobs and possibly connect with recruiters through these employment groups. This is not a job board, but these employment groups contain many job openings.  The question is how do you find these groups and job openings?

It is much more than searching classified listings online, Google searches, plus the career section of the newspaper; more and more hiring managers and recruiters are turning to social media to find candidates for their open positions.  It is time, as a job seeker, that you turn to social media when searching for a job.  Job listings on Twitter are easier to find than you think due to hiring managers using hashtags.  If you are not familiar with hashtags, begin with this article:  Using Hashtags on Twitter to Find a Job.

People use Facebook to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances; so why not use Facebook for your job search? Yes I am talking about Facebook where you share photos, recipes, and so much more. Can you really find a job on Facebook?