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Have you sent out resume after resume without a response? Is your resume written properly to get you to the next step? Does your resume convey the right message about you?

A resume is much more than just your employment in chronological order, it is a marketing piece of your skills and the value you bring to the position you are applying for. How your resume is written will tell a hiring manager within 6 seconds if you are a candidate for their opening. What does your resume say to the reader, the hiring manager?


Most job seekers whether seeking Full-Time Jobs, Part-Time Jobs, or Telecommute Jobs never even make it past the consideration phase.  The reason?  Is it the number of applicants?  Economic Conditions?  Education?  Work Experience?  The answer to all is NO!  In fact the real answer sits right in front of you and the employer, your resume!

Resumes are the most important marketing tool available to job seekers.  It must be!  Employers spend 6 seconds in determining if they will completely read your resume or move on to the next resume. You need to have the WOW Factor!  That is why job seekers are left frustrated, sending out email after email, resume after resume, waiting and hoping with ZERO response; your resume is lacking.

1 Critical Mistake:  The one critical mistake that job seekers make is the style in which the resume is written.  Most resumes are written in what is called biographical form.  It gives times, dates, locations, addresses, and spells out basic job functionality.  A job description in essence.  This is a critical error.  Although some of that information may be important, it should not be the resume.  In dealing with your employment experience the overall tone should be written in accomplishment form.  Why?  Answer:

"An accomplishment will be a tangible direct action that an employer can look at and say YES, that is what we need for this position." 

The hiring manager can look at your accomplishment and equate it to the position you are applying for.  They can say yes, this is the person we need in this position. You will stand out in front of all other job candidates.

Now more than ever it is more than just a resume, it is about marketing yourself and skills the right way. Having a professional write your resume does make the difference. Being able to talk to someone before your resume is written does make the difference. Having a professional understand your skills, background, and the type of job you are searching for is key in having success with your resume. That is why Get My Mom a Job offers our professional resume writing service, plus our job connection service unique to each person without the price. Receive the following:

1/1 conversation with our professional resume writers.


Unique resume written just for you, no template here.


Resume completed within 72 Hours after phone consultation.


We send jobs directly to you based on your criteria.


Guaranteed to get you a job within 60 days or your money back.


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