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Writing a resume can be a difficult task for any job seeker, especially with all of the different opinions when it comes to how you should write your resume. There are many myths about creating a resume that job seekers should avoid when writing a resume. Below are the top 10 myths in resume writing:

If you ask 100 people the question, most likely you will get 100 different responses.  What is a resume really used for?  To many, they believe it is the creation of a simple document with limited information, to create curiosity, in the hopes an employer will call.  Others believe it is a historical biographical document to supply information to a potential employer.  In all of the cases above, they couldn't be any further from the truth!!

Have you sent out resume after resume without a response? Is your resume written properly to get you to the next step? Does your resume convey the right message about you?

A resume is much more than just your employment in chronological order, it is a marketing piece of your skills and the value you bring to the position you are applying for. How your resume is written will tell a hiring manager within 6 seconds if you are a candidate for their opening. What does your resume say to the reader, the hiring manager?