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The "old soda wars!"  Coke VS. Pepsi or McDonalds VS. Burger King.  There is no doubt that people have their preference.  Think of yourself when you are at the market.  Any aisle, any store.  You make decisions.  You do it based on cost, quantity, brand name, taste, or impulse buy.  Whatever it is you choose one over another.  Why in the world would you think that the hiring process would be any different!  It is Coke VS. Pepsi!

People have preferences to whom they hire.  Just as we do when buying items.  The one thing that retailers have gotten really good at is merchandising, branding, and selling.  Unfortunately, job seekers have not followed suit in this regard.  We are "HOPING" to be picked when presenting ourselves (the product) to the buyer (hiring manager).  Doing nothing out of the ordinary to be chosen.  When people have preferences it comes down to marketing!


Marketing no matter the job you are seeking is the number one skill set you must be proficient at.  The ability to be seen and be heard through the masses.  You are the new product, unproven in the marketplace.  You need to stand out.  A system of marketing and advertising:


"Who you are, What You are, What you have done, and What YOU can do for them!"


Once you do that, now, you become the preferred buy.  If I asked the last 20 employers you sent a resume to what stood out to them, what would they say?  Would they remember you?  Brand awareness of your skills and acumen are critical, let it be known.


When it comes down to that moment, when the Hiring Manager picks up the phone to call and set an interview, will they choose Coke or Pepsi?  It is up to you!


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