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Customer service is a popular field for many due to all of the options someone has when looking for a customer service job. Not to mention, there are always job openings for customer service positions.


Did you know that Customer Service is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States? Customer service is a vital position for most companies, many industries deal with people. A lot of times when we think of customer service, we think of retail stores. Yes there are a lot of job openings for retail stores, but customer service jobs are found in many other places.

More and more companies have moved to virtual call centers or virtual customer service departments. Not all customer service jobs are entry level call center jobs. There are hospitality positions, car rental reservation positions, travel, technical support, online retailers hire customer care representatives, just to name a few. The pay rate will range depending on the type of position and experience required. Some positions, like technical support, will require specific experience and some companies require a degree.

Customer service jobs are not always just answering the phone, it may entail emailing customers or answering customer’s questions on live chat.

Current Job Openings

Job openings are listed with the following information: job title and below job title is the company name. To view full job description and to apply, click on the job title.

Customer Service Rep.  (Hires in many states, not just the one listed)
ABC Financial Services
Call Center Customer Service Agent  (Hires in many states)
Customer Service - Home Agent (Hires in many states)
Teleperformance At Home
RWI Logistics LLC
Volt Information Sciences
Customer Service Representative
Key Solutions Group Inc. 

This is a small list of work from home customer service job openings, there are 100’s of jobs. You apply for work at home jobs the same way you apply to jobs that you would work at the company location. You will want to have your resume together and ready to submit on the company’s website. If you are not sure if your resume is ready to submit, get a free resume review here

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How to Conduct a Job Search

Sometimes knowing how to find a legitimate work from home job can be hard, especially with people trying to sign you up for their business opportunity or to sell make up, diet products, etc. One golden rule when trying to figure out if a job is a real job that pays you an hourly wage is that companies use the same hiring process for their work from home jobs that they do for at office jobs. You will need to submit your resume and go through the interview process, either a phone interview or face to face interview depending on the company. 2nd a real job does not ask you to purchase product, information or anything else. The only thing a company will require for legitimate work from home jobs is that you have a phone line, internet, and computer; things you need to work from home.

To help you with your search, use the job search below.

****In the job title field type: work from home customer service

Leave the location blank

****Another search you can conduct in the job title field type:  work from home call center

Leave the location blank

Good luck with your job search, if you need assistance with your resume go to