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You may have been out of the workforce for 2, 3, 5 or more years; this does not mean that you do not have experience to add to your resume or that you have not gained particular skills.  Often times stay at home moms think because they have not worked for a company for a period of time that they do not have experience or skills to add to their resume.  


In this article, I will give you examples of experience that can be added and should be added to your resume.  Regardless of when you are thinking about returning to the workforce, you should begin implementing some of these things immediately.

Let’s start with things you may be doing as a hobby that you do not consider work.  Blogs are popular these days, do you have a blog that you update frequently?  Did you design the blog?  Maybe you do not have your own blog, but you contribute to other blogs as a guest contributor.  This is something you want to add to your resume, this is a skill.

Do you make and sale crafts, jewelry, blankets, etc. on Etsy?  Do you sell items on Ebay or Amazon?  Not only are you creative in making the items on Etsy or researching items to sell on Ebay, now you are gaining business skills.  Not only are you gaining valuable business skills, you are also gaining marketing skills.  If written properly, this can be seen as valuable experience.

Does your husband, family member, or friend own a business that you help with various tasks?  This can be answering calls, returning emails, keeping their schedule in order, being their bookkeeper and completing all accounts payable/receivable, etc. Even if you are not receiving a paycheck every 2 weeks, or maybe you only work 10 hours a month; this is still an experienced position that needs to be added to your resume.  

Do you volunteer at your child’s school, church, or in the community? Are you the leader of your child’s play group or a coach or assistant coach of your child’s sport’s team?  This is experience, no one ever said for a resume that it needs to be a paid position.  It is about the skills you obtained while at a position that a hiring manager is looking for.

Have you assisted an elderly family member or a friend of the family due to an illness or aging?  This needs to go under experience on your resume.  It may not feel like a job to you, but this is work experience.

Childcare: Have you provided childcare for friends or family?  You do not need to have an in home daycare center in order to consider this as experience.

Tutor:  Have you tutored a child in their studies? Maybe a family member’s son or daughter who was struggling in math, you worked with them to improve their grade.  This is nothing to leave off of your resume, this is a valuable skill. There are many work at home tutor positions that you could qualify for, if this is a field you would enjoy working in.

These are a few examples; if you think about everything you have done while you were a stay at home mom, you will be amazed at how much experience you have gained. Make a list of everything then under each item write down what you did, you just added valuable experience to your resume.  Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything or don’t have anything to add currently, in the next article I will give you ways to get experience now as you are beginning the job hunt.

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