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Everyone who can’t find a job or are not being called for interviews always blames it on the job market. I hear comments all of the time that there are not any jobs and that is why they can’t find a job. Well I am going to burst that bubble because that is not true, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 5.8 million jobs (March 2016).  With millions of job openings, there are jobs available.


The problem that I come across in working with job seekers is that most people spend very little time doing productive things to find a job. It starts out as a job search then quickly goes to complaining on social media sites about not having a job or posting a plea for someone to help because he/she needs a job now. Social media is a great resource for job openings and to network with hiring managers/recruiters, but is not always used in a positive manner.

Another issue is that not everyone wants to put in the time it takes to find a job, it is much easier to spend an hour on a job board and say that there aren’t any jobs. Fact, finding a job takes time and patience. Plus, just applying for jobs on a job board will not expedite your job search, hundreds of people are applying for the same position you are submitting your resume to. Then it is a waiting game for the company to collect all of the resumes and weed through them to begin the interview process. I am not saying not to search job boards, simply expand your search through outlets like LinkedIn. Go directly to the hiring source, make a connection. Take advantage of employment services companies who are willing to assist. If a recruiter reaches out to you, be professional and polite; this could end your job search.

One example of not taking advantage of help is I reached out to a single mother on Facebook who posted how desperate she was to find a job to take care of her child. I provided an email and a website that she can provide her resume so that my company could assist her in her job search for free; her response “I will look into this and maybe send my resume.” Wow, how badly do you really want a job? You can’t sit back and wait for a job to land in your lap, some initiative is needed on your part.

This is just one example of many that I see daily. The other problem is some people really don’t know where to start to find a job. There is a lot of information online and can be overwhelming to someone already feeling the stress of not having a job. Here are some tips to make your job search successful:

  • Utilize job boards, but do not make this your sole focus when looking for a job. Choose 2 or 3 job boards, conduct your job search using your job title or occupation as keywords to narrow the jobs. Sign up for email alerts for when new job listings are added so you will receive these jobs in your email. Click here to start your search.


  • LinkedIn, why wouldn’t you go directly to where job seekers and hiring managers/recruiters network. Complete your profile, add a professional picture (not a selfie taken in your car), join job groups and most importantly network.


  • Facebook, yes people really do find jobs on Facebook. Word of mouth still exists when it comes to finding a job. You can utilize Facebook a couple of different ways.


  1. Join job groups in your city or state. People post new jobs daily to these groups, plus hiring managers and recruiters will post jobs that they are hiring for. The search option makes it easy to search all posts instead of spending hours trying to read every post. In addition, post the type of job you are looking for. Here is an example of a job group.


  1. Search for company pages or employment pages; you will find up to date job postings. To receive updated job listings without having to visit the page every day, like the page. This is one example of an employment page.


Spend at least 3 hours a day searching for a job. If you put in a little effort and time, you will cut your job search time down from months to weeks.

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