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Do you feel like you will never find a job? Exhausted from the job search? Not sure what to do anymore in your job search? Tired and frustrated after submitting resume after resume to various companies? So many positions you were the perfect candidate, but never even got a response from the company? This happens with a lot of job seekers because people are living the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, in their job search. 

A few things can be holding you back:

1. Looking for a job on the same job boards. There are more ways to find a job than on job boards.

2. It is how you present yourself and your skills. You may be completely qualified for the position, but if you are not showcasing your skills properly on your resume; you will not hear your phone ring.

3. Spending very little time looking for a job. You should spend a minimum of 10 hours a week, more if you are unemployed.

4. Not using the right keywords when searching on LinkedIn or job boards. Companies can use different job titles for the same position.

We have heard all of the frustrations from people about their job search and that is why we are offering our 60 Day Job Challenge.


What is the 60 Day Job Challenge?

The Challenge is to Get You Hired Within 60 Days! We take on your job search and make the process so simple for you.


What is included in our 60 Day Job Challenge?


You will receive a professionally written resume, plus everything you need to get hired:


Your very own Career Success Partner.  You will have the ability to reach out and have a Direct Connection in all matters of employment.  The same Success Partner that knows you and your employment needs.

Your Career Success Partner will search for and provide you with tailor made Jobs you want.  We will find the right employers, right salary, right job criteria, right hours.  Job results emailed to you directly.

Two 60 minute phone consultations that will define the jobs you want, salary desired, industries, and opportunities.  


Create account and add profile & resume to 5 job boards.

Interview Techniques eBook: this eBook provides tips that will have you win at the interview every time. Plus sample answers to the most common questions  .


Unlimited email support for any issues or questions that arise during your job search.

Mock Interview: Conduct a mock interview to prepare you for your interview.

Stand out with a video cover letter. We will provide a unique script for you to use. Once recorded it will be added to your Get My Mom a Job member’s  area. Plus step by step guide on how to benefit from your video cover letter. 


We give you everything you need to get hired, plus our 60 day guarantee that you will be hired. You have nothing to lose, but employment to gain.

If you are serious about finding a job and ready to get hired, then Take the 60 Day Job Challenge Now!

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