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According to studies, women are now becoming more successful in the workforce. As a matter of fact, the representation of women in the workforce is higher than ever before, and a lot of women are now holding executive and managerial posts in companies. Also, businesses that are run by women have doubled in the past couple of years.

Workers today are very much aware of the importance of having transferable skills. Those who want to change careers, in particular, must first make sure that their current skills are relevant to other industries they wish to belong to. This way, they could easily know what careers they should and should not pursue.
If you are planning to make an important career change, there are ways you can figure out if your skills are transferable or not.

Thinking about a career change? More people these days choose to change industries or jobs for various reasons. Some people need to have a job that allows them to have more of a work/life balance, a job that is more satisfying or challenging, a position that pays more, or you just may be unhappy at your current position. Whatever the reason is, you can make a smooth transition into a new career. Below are tips on how to transition into a new career:

You are pretty confident that you’re doing a great job in your position, which you have had for a long time already. Your performance reviews always turn out to be positive, and everyone can see how dedicated you are to your job. However, you still find yourself in the same position for many years already. It feels like a promotion is never going to come your way.