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One of the first questions that many recruiters/hiring managers ask:  Tell me about yourself.  This has always been a very common question, it is very important on how you answer this.

Below are tips on how to answer this question:

Tip: Do not tell the interviewer your entire life story, you are there for a job not counseling. This is a huge negative and more in likely you will not get the job.

Tip: Do not speak about how great you are for 5 minutes, example: hard worker, dedicated, team player. You will bore the interviewer and leave a negative impression.

Be prepared for this question, here are some tips on how to answer the question:

  • Be short and to the point, this will set the stage for the rest of the interview and how long this interview will last.


  • Keep this professional, what separates you from other candidates. This is what you want to highlight.


  • How you accomplish this is tell them your position, one strength not a cliché, and an accomplishment.


Example:  I am a seasoned sales professional with my strength being a closer. In my past position with (company name) I had a 91% closing rate.

***Now you have the interviewer’s attention, you now need to take control of the interview by adding this is what I would like to discuss about how I can exceed in sales for (company name you are interviewing at) 

Now you have passed the interview ball back to the interviewer and this will turn into more of a free flowing conversation instead of question, answer, question, answer scenario.

Key Points:

  • You must begin with how you would benefit the perspective employer, in an indirect way letting them know from the beginning their return on investment if they hire you.


  • Don’t dance around the question, be direct and confident. You never want to ramble off a list of skills or talents, these are typically subjective and mean nothing to the hiring manager as they have heard this hundreds of times.


  • Always be prepared to answer this question and any follow up questions that may arise from your answer.


  • Think of it as you are the brand and you are selling them on why you are the person for the position.

If you use this approach when answering this question, you will quickly set yourself a part from the other candidates. This is similar to the professional summary on your resume; tell them what you do, how you do it, and the benefit to that particular employer.

 An interview is like an audition; you only have 1 chance to get the part!  Need to get prepared for your next interview? Click Here for a Mock Interview with one of our Career Specialist.