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When we get nervous, we focus on what we are comfortable with: ourselves. This is when the word “I” is used too often in an interview. Read this article to avoid this.

Job interviews can be an intimidating experience.  Whether it be face to face, phone, or Skype, interviewing and the control of an interview is paramount!  Often when we get nervous, we focus on what we are comfortable with: ourselves.  When we focus on ourselves, the word "I" is used way too much and the focus/goal is lost in translation.

There is one guaranteed thing you can do to get hired off of interviews, focus on the employer’s needs, wants, and mission.  Here are some practical tips to use in your next interview:

Research.  Before doing a phone interview or any other interview, do a little research.  Spend time on the company website, social media accounts, forums, and do a Google search.  The more informed you are, the more prepared and at ease you will be.

Take the focus off yourself.  You want to present yourself as the best possible candidate; but get to know the employer, position, and opportunity.  The more questions you ask puts you at ease and the employer sees a genuine interest you have in what they want.

Ask Questions.  I cannot emphasize enough the power of questions.  It puts you in control of the process.  Ask real questions, questions that will take the interviewer of their guard.  Questions like:

  1. Describe to me the ideal candidate for this position?
  2. What is the number one goal of the company?
  3. If we both agree I am right for this job, describe for me what a day would look like?
  4. If I were interviewing you, what would you like to say specifically about this position and opportunity?

Employers love "out of the box" thinking.  Creative, quick witted, passionate, and self-confident candidates.  You can ooze self-confidence by the questions you ask, not necessarily the answers you give.

Answer Questions.  Answer the question.  Not a pad answer full of clichés.  Hiring Managers filling job openings have been there, done that, and heard it all a 1000x times.  Be unique.  Answer questions as it relates to the employers needs and the position.

Stop with the "I's"!  You want great benefits, good pay, hours, vacation time, room for opportunity and advancement.  However, they don't care about that at the moment.  You’re a team player willing to give 110% and work for a company that offers advancement.  OK, but talk about the problems you will solve.  The sales you will make.  The team you will create.  Focus on the employer, position, and their needs, your time for the "I's" will come!

Look, it is natural to talk about ourselves.  However when we can talk about ourselves in terms of what the employer wants and needs, that job will be yours.  The more questions you ask, the more answers they have about you.  Just like any relationship that works, it cannot be all about you.  Just like your partner, you want to put their needs first?  Well when searching for a job, that relationship is NO different.

Have an interview coming up or just want to be ready for your next interview, Click Here for a Mock Interview. Being prepared for an interview will insure that you will be successful at the interview!